Warrah Board of Directors

Warrah Board meets monthly, and receives regular written reports from all areas of Warrah's operations. The Board has a focus on strategy and financial viability and reports annually to Warrah's company members.   Members of Warrah’s Board are: 

Steve Mitchell Chairman, Member of Finance & Property Committees

Tony Molloy Chairman of Property Committee & Member of Finance Committee

James Brown Chair Finance Committee & Member Property Committee 

Ross King Member Property Committee 

Hannah Semler

David Ghannoum

Annette Waterson

Sue Walker

Company Secretaries: Georgina Michaelis and Craig Gouws

Strategic Plan

Warrah's Strategic Plan is a current, living document that is regularly reviewed, updated and monitored, The Plan guides Warrah's strategic direction and objectives. Goals and objectives are distributed to Warrah's stakeholders.

Board Sub-Committees

Warrah Board has two subcommittees: Finance and Property. Each subcommittee meets monthly one week in advance of Board meetings. Other Subcommittees or working groups are formed when needed. For example a subcommittee was formed to guide the review of Warrah's Constitution in 2014.

Board Retreat

The Board has an annual retreat in mid-winter, usually over 2 full days. The retreat is used to address strategic issues, conduct governance information sessions and review Warrah's Strategic Plan. The Board also conducts its annual self appraisal at this time.

2015/2016 Annual Report 2015/2016 Annual Report (5896 KB)

Warrah Organisational Structure